I have illustrated more than 50 children’s books, but you won’t be able to buy most of them, as they are out of print. That’s how ancient I am.

These are almost all of the children’s books I illustrated before 2020. You can still buy ‘Enjoying Poetry’ (near the bottom of the pile) and the ‘Silly Galahs’ cd and colouring book (pub. 2018/19, contact me for more details). In 2010 I wrote and illustrated ‘A Disastrous Honeymoon’, the sequel to Edward Lear’s ‘Owl and the Pussycat’, published by Littlefox Press. It’s meant for adults, but children enjoy it too. I hope to publish a new edition soon.
This is a selection of books in different genres that I have illustrated. I also co-wrote the text for ‘Ticking On’, a non-fiction book about the history of time-keeping, published many years ago by Thomas Nelson Australia.
I also write poetry for adults. My poems are included in all these publications. New Poets 20 came out in 2019, and you can order it from me by contacting me on this website. The book marks remind me where to find my poems.

You can buy ‘Enjoying Poetry’ from the Teachers Superstore, or you might find it in a school library. It’s a wonderful introduction to the art of writing poetry. That’s not my drawing on the cover.

These are two sample pages from ‘Enjoying Poetry’.

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