Combining words with pictures to record your Covid stories

A workshop to stimulate your creativity, and maybe a recipe for survival in these uncertain times. As I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy creating pictures, I always love having the opportunity to talk about both, and how one sparks off the other. When my friend and fellow-poet Maria Vouis asked me if I’dContinue reading “Combining words with pictures to record your Covid stories”

Mentorship part 3: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome.

When you write and illustrate a story it’s very easy to feel impostor’s syndrome three times over: ‘Am I a lousy writer? Am I a lousy illustrator? Do I suck at both?’

Mentorship, Part 1: Kill your Darlings

When I submitted my manuscript for the #PBChat Mentorship program, I thought I had taken the story as far down the road to completion as possible. That is, I’d shown it to a peer critique group, I’d worked on the dummy book for several weeks, and I’d put it in a drawer for several weeks,Continue reading “Mentorship, Part 1: Kill your Darlings”